Past Events

February 1, 2024 LLC's in Estate Planning
Christina Lewis
January 30, 2024 Your Clients Want a KISS Plan, but the IRS May Have the Last Dance
In Person Breakfast Webinar
December 7, 2023 AI & You - AI's Transformative Impact
Evan Lamont
November 2, 2023 Small Business Succession Planning II
Kim Onisko
October 26, 2023 EPTCLB Social
October 5, 2023 Small Business Succession Planning
Kira Masteller
September 7, 2023 Special Trusts: Not Special Needs Trust
Blaine J. Burch
June 1, 2023 Is That a Felony in Your Closet? How to Handle Firearms in a Decedent’s Estate
Ty Supancic
May 17, 2023 EPTCLB Social
May 4, 2023 Retirement Plans for Small Business Owners
Victoria Buckels Stimler
April 6, 2023 Cryptocurrency Panel
Ryan Blaney, Jeremy Lau and Jared Ong
March 2, 2023 The Economics of Charitable Remainder Trusts
Robert M. Birgen
February 2, 2023 Protecting Client Data
Mark Mina
December 1, 2022 Ethical Challenges in Trust Administration
Monica Goel
November 10, 2022 EPTCLB Social
November 3, 2022 Special Needs and Pooled Trusts
Michelle Wolf
October 6, 2022 Gardeners, Gifts and Garbage: Cautionary Tales and Best Practices for Tangible Personal Property
Maranda Moran and Morgana Blackwelder
September 1, 2022 Care Planning for Success
Marcella Miller
June 2, 2022 Philanthropic Tools & Tales
Susan Berkman
May 5, 2022 Cybersecurity Myths
Kelly Onyedebelu and Kasandria Ramos
April 7, 2022 Practical Aspects of Special Needs Planning
Cynthia Cox
March 3, 2022 Tax reform under Biden
Guy Nicio & Bella Wang
February 3, 2022 The Center Will Hold: A Roadmap for Conservators
Panel Moderated by Ron Miller
December 2, 2021 “How To Reduce Any Taxable Estate To Zero”
Bruce Givner
November 4, 2021 Capacity Concerns
Dr, Sarah Mourra, MD
October 7, 2021 How Tax Planning can Affect Retirement Planning, Gifting Strategies and Medicare Premiums
Nickolas R. Strain, CFP®, CPWA®, CEPA®, AIF®
September 2, 2021 Maximizing the Value of Your Social Security Benefits
Jody Harris, Social Security Consultant
June 10, 2021 EPTCLB & SBEPC Social Trivia Happy Hour
Team Trivia Happy Hour hosted by TrivWorks
June 3, 2021 Wine Not? An Overview of California's Decanting Act
Catherine M. Swafford
May 6, 2021 “Suddenly Single” Navigating Finances, and a New Life
Natalie Barron
April 1, 2021 Transactions from the Trenches
Ron Miller, Evan Sandler, Jim Sullivan, Paul Velasco
March 4, 2021 Prudent Planning Using Special Needs Trusts and the ABLE Act
Peter Wall
February 4, 2021 The World Needs More Good: Help Your Clients Give More with Advanced Charitable Planning
Reynolds Cafferata
December 3, 2020 Financial Elder Exploitation Undue Influence
Alisha Johnson, Psy.D.
November 5, 2020 Planning for political uncertainty: The changing landscape of wealth transfer, taxation, and how to help your HNW clients prepare.
Leslie Gellar
October 1, 2020 How much should a trustee be paid? An analysis of the California Rules of Court 7.776
Josh Yager
September 3, 2020 Port of Long Beach Economic Forecast
Dr. Noel Hacegaba
June 4, 2020 ZOOM MEETING Help for Hoarding: It Takes a Village
Regina F. Lark, Ph.D., CPO®
May 7, 2020 ZOOM MEETING Maximize your resources: The tools and neuroscience of high-performance and "flow"
Chris M. King
March 5, 2020 Tax Requirements of Various Trusts
Paul Scholz
February 6, 2020 Death & Divorce: When Bad Goes to Worse
Evelyn M. Zohlen, MBA, MS, CFP®, and Mark L. Prendergast, CPA, CFP®, CDFA®
December 5, 2019 Generational Intelligence: Tapping Into The Exponential Power of Multiple Generations
Mick Ukleja
November 7, 2019 Understanding the Ethical Boundaries of Professionals in Estate Planning and Beyond
Donald Corliss
October 3, 2019 Reverse Mortgages for Estate Planning Professionals
Andrew Scammon
September 5, 2019 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes That Often Lead to Litigation or Other Court Required Actions and How to Avoid Them
Paul Velasco
July 18, 2019 CANCELED: Meet the Members Mixer
June 6, 2019 Follow Up Strategies That Will Get You More Clients
Wanda Allen
May 2, 2019 The Psychology of Succession – Why clients don’t take our advice (and what to do about it)
Michel Zelnick
April 4, 2019 Cybersecurity for Business Professionals
Dr. Stan Stahl, Ph.D
March 7, 2019 Family Owned Business: How to avoid common traps
Kim Onisko
February 7, 2019 Corporate Trustee – Tales From the Trenches
Kevin Tiber, Karin Finnegan, Ryan Eichenauer & Matthew Kimmel
December 6, 2018 2018 Tax Reform – Implementing Federal and California Tax Strategies Before Year-End
Blake Christian, CPA
November 1, 2018 Clients with Diminished Capacity
Zeb Law and Shauna Anderson
October 4, 2018 Charitable Remainder Trusts: Resolving financial and estate planning dilemmas in 2018 and beyond
Jim Normandin
September 6, 2018 The Best of Times; The Worst of Times? What the Dickens do we mean?
Russ Hill and Brian Spinelli
July 12, 2018 SBEPC Joint Dinner & Panel: "Shut Your Mouth! A Multidisciplinary Look at Standards of Privilege"
Gary Burkard, Margaret Lodise & Cory Stigile
June 7, 2018 Enhancing law firms’ profitability
Ariela Tannenbaum, CEO, Advanced Financial Analytics and Principal, Edge International
May 3, 2018 Investment Governance: What is it and why does it matter?
Josh Yager
April 5, 2018 California Income Tax Planning with Irrevocable Trusts
Matt Brown
March 1, 2018 Charitable Strategies for Business Owners
Stephanie Buckley
February 1, 2018 Digital Assets: Modern, Practical Estate Planning Considerations
Armine Bazikyan
January 4, 2018 Long Beach, City of Opportunity
John Keisler
November 2, 2017 EPTCLB Panel on Tax Planning in Regard to Real Estate
Chuck McLucas, Christina Nielson and Charles Tiano
October 5, 2017 Life Insurance in Estate & Business Planning
Todd Janower, JD, LL.M., ChFC, CLU
September 7, 2017 “Meet the Trump Economy… Same As The Old Economy?” by Christopher Thornberg
Christopher Thornberg
July 13, 2017 The Chaos of Substance Abuse: Beneficiary, the Client or Yourself?
Donnie W. Watson, Erin L. Prouty, Donna Bogdanovich
June 15, 2017 Legacy Letters: Passing along both your values and your valuables
Rachael Rifkin
May 18, 2017 Secrets of the Filthy Rich: Planning Strategies Your Clients Will Be Asking For
Jeff Verdon
April 20, 2017 Valuation Discounts, Discounts, Discounts!
Lance Hall
March 16, 2017 E-Discovery - How to Avoid Problems You Didn't Know You Had - with Judge Reva Goetz
Judge Reva G. Goetz
February 16, 2017 Transition by Design: Successful Succession of the Privately Held Business
Susan P. Rounds, JD, CPA, LL.M. (taxation), AEP®
January 19, 2017 Don’t Give Contaminated Properties to Your Heirs
Matt Winefield and Kevin Daehnke
November 16, 2016 Tax Considerations for Year-End Giving and Unique Charitable Gifts
Corey Ziegler
October 19, 2016 Capacity Issues
Gary Freedman-Harvey, PhD
September 21, 2016 LA County Update and Outlook
Steve Napolitano
July 14, 2016 “Things we have learned about Capacity from the Sterling and Redstone (and other) Cases.”
Marc Stern of Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLP
June 15, 2016 "Crisis & Reputation Management: Managing Family Feuds & Business Disputes Without Drawing Blood"
Eden Gillott Bowe
May 18, 2016 "Engaging and Preparing the Rising Generation of Wealth Stewards"
Patricia M. Armstrong
April 20, 2016 “Recent Developments in Estate and Gift Taxation"
David Fogel
March 16, 2016 “The Sandwich Generation: Caring for Your Family, Yourself, and Now Your Parents”
Wayne Slavitt
February 17, 2016 Divorcing Elders; Cross-over Issues between Family Law and Probate
Judge Reva Goetz
January 20, 2016 To the Meeting and Beyond
Laura Bruno
November 18, 2015 Rescuing Life Insurance Policies – Technical Know-How
Kenneth Besada
October 21, 2015 Fiduciary duties under the Prudent Investor Act (California Probate Code §16047 -§16052) or How to avoid being a knucklehead.
Josh Yager
September 16, 2015 Economic Forecast and Industry Outlook
Councilmember Suzie Price and Economist Kimberly Ritter
July 16, 2015 Elder Abuse: The Silent Epidemic
Kerri Kasem, Troy Martin
June 17, 2015 Role of the Public Guardian and Elder Fraud
Elizabeth Henderson, Andrea Taylor
May 20, 2015 “Business Succession, Income and Wealth Preservation Planning using Life, Disability and Long Term Care Insurance”.
Michael Levine, Levine Advisors, Cindy Eisenhower, CLTC Director of Long-term Care Sales Leisure, Werden & Terry Agency
April 15, 2015 "How to have a successful mediation"
Judge Aviva Bobb
March 18, 2015 "Caring for those who shall have borne the battle"
Richard Beam, LB VA, Director of Public & Community Affairs
February 18, 2015 “Charitable Giving Made Easy”
Marcelle Epley, CEO, Long Beach Community Foundation
January 22, 2015 STEP 4th Annual Institute on Tax, Estate Planning and the Economy
January 21, 2015 How to Avoid Unpaid Consulting
J. Scott Bailey, Bailey Marketing Concepts
November 19, 2014 Practical Considerations with Portability Elections
KEITH SCHILLER, Estate Planning & Taxation Attorney
November 19, 2014 The LB Community Foundation Professional Advisor Breakfast
Corey Ziegler, Corporate Counsel for the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
October 22, 2014 Allied Professionals Summit 2014
October 15, 2014 Qualifying Elements & Filing Requirements for Exclusions
Robert Lardge, Property Assessment Specialist, LA County Assessors Office
September 19, 2014 CSULB Gift Planning: Community Partners Council Breakfast Meeting
September 17, 2014 Making a Difference in the Health of Long Beach
Kelly Colopy, Director of Health & Human Services, City of Long Beach
June 19, 2014 Roundtable Discussion – Best Practices for Advisor Collaboration in an Estate Planning Context
Moderator Curtis Kaiser
May 15, 2014 Probate after Centralization
Judge Daniel S. Murphy, LA Superior Court
April 17, 2014 Estate & Gift Tax - Perspectives from the IRS & Private Practice
Charles Morris, Albrecht & Barney
March 20, 2014 Transforming Healthcare
DIANA HENDEL, CEO, Long Beach Memorial, Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach & Community Hospital Long Beach
February 20, 2014 Trending CA Real Estate Information for the Probate, Trust & Estate Professional
Paige Fingerhut, Realtor
January 16, 2014 Making a Meaningful Connection
Laura A. Bruno, Owner, SBL Consulting
December 19, 2013 "The Two for One Gift: the Importance of Donor Intent."
Attorney Susan Berkman, CSULB, Office of Estate & Gift Planning
November 21, 2013 What Does "I Do" Mean? Estate Planning Considerations for Same-Sex Couples in a Post-DOMA World
Mark Powell, Esq.
October 17, 2013 Assisting Clients with Grief
Reverend Gary Tucker
September 19, 2013 Economic Update
Heather Stephens, Ph.D.
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