Life Insurance in Estate & Business Planning

Date: Thursday, October 5, 2017
Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Location: The Grand Event Center 4101 E Willow St 90815
Speaker: Todd Janower, JD, LL.M., ChFC, CLU

EPTCLB Program and Luncheon

The Grand Event Center 4101 E Willow St 90815

Todd Janower, JD, LL.M., ChFC, CLU

Director, Estate and Business Planning at MassMutual Financial Group

Life Insurance in Estate & Business Planning

Todd L. Janower, JD, LL.M, ChFC, CLU Director, Advanced Sales, MassMutual

Todd received his B.S. degree from Boston University and his Law and Masters degrees from The John Marshall Law School. He has been a Director in MassMutual’s Advanced Sales group for almost four years. Before joining MassMutual, Todd spent almost 12 years at Allstate Financial, the last three years as the head of that group, where Todd provided advanced markets support for the more than 12,000 financial representatives. Before joining Allstate, Todd was a practicing attorney in Chicago specializing in estate planning for high net worth individuals and families, post-death administration and business succession planning. Todd speaks frequently on a wide variety of advanced markets topics. He has been a featured speaker at numerous national and regional broker/dealer and industry association meetings.

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