Corporate Membership

A Corporate Member shall be an organization that has at least five years of professional experience pertaining to estate and trust law, estate planning, trusts, underwriting or taxation. The individual applying on behalf of the corporation must meet the minimum qualifications of a Regular Member.

Candidates for corporate membership must complete an application and be sponsored by at least one Regular Member who is unrelated to the applying organization. New Corporate Members shall be elected by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

You will receive the following benefits in exchange for a $600 corporate membership:

  • A Corporate Member shall have the right to one vote
  • Corporate Members may send one member of their organization and one complimentary guest to each regular function
  • Additional guests can attend meetings at a discounted rate of $40

Considerations include:

  • Corporate Members are not eligible for election to the Board of Directors or to any office of the Council
  • A Corporate Membership has a term of one year
  • No initiation fee shall be charged for renewal applications for Corporate Membership provided there has been no lapse in the membership
  • Continuing education credits will be offered to individuals attending the meetings and sign in on the discipline sheets, not the corporate member as a whole

On behalf of the Estate Planning and Trust Council, we thank you in advance for your consideration. Should you need any more information, please contact Mary Sramek by email at  She will put you in touch with the Secretary/Treasurer and we will answer any questions you have.