Membership Committee

Assist in recruiting new members.  Contact new applicants by phone or email to discuss their membership qualifications and the benefits, support and services provided to members of the Council .

Greeting Committee

Greet and introduce members and guests at the beginning of every meeting.

Program Committee

Select speakers from the various disciplines to make presentations at each meeting. 

Nominating Committee

Review and interview nominees for each board position to present for a vote at the June general membership meeting.

Bylaws Committee

Review the Bylaws for additions and/or revisions, which may be deemed necessary and advisable by the board.  Provide the membership with a detailed guideline for their responsibilities, proper protocol, and standard operating procedures.

Sponsorship Committee

Responsible for soliciting sponsors for the monthly programs and other events.

Marketing Committee

Produce and promote materials and resources to better showcase the activities of the organization to the general membership and to the public.