Legacy Letters: Passing along both your values and your valuables

Date: Thursday, June 15, 2017
Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Location: Long Beach Community Foundation Non Profit Center 3515 Linden Ave
Speaker: Rachael Rifkin

Legacy Letters: Passing along both your values and your valuables

*This meeting will be held at the Long Beach Community Foundation Non Profit Center* 

3515 Linden Ave LB 90807

Program description

A Legacy Letter, a record of the values you hope to pass down to your descendants (i.e., life lessons, family history/traditions, etc.), is a powerful tool for both the estate planner and the client. They help clients gain insight into their financial, estate, retirement, transition and philanthropic needs, and improve intergenerational communication and relationships. For estate planners, Legacy Letters can help build lifelong relationships with clients, their families and future generations, and generate new referrals.

This presentation will discuss how to capture your client’s values, from interviewing to final format, and include Legacy Letter examples and a takeaway template of a Legacy Letter for the estate planner and client to fill out together.

About Rachael

Rachael Rifkin is a personal historian/ghost writer (i.e., she helps people preserve their big life events and life stories by turning their memories into family keepsake books). She has helped people write memoirs about their war experiences, love stories, pregnancies, and full life journeys. Her photo project, which features her posing as eight of her relatives, was highlighted on Huffington PostBored PandaBuzzfeed, and the Jewish Journal.

She is also a journalist who weaves family stories into personal essays, and is in the beginning stages of writing a memoir that will go back and forth in time between her grandfather and her, focusing on where their lives intersect.

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